Dec 3, 2011 / 16 notes

Today I went to Antwerp to see this exposition by a guy named Marc Lagrange. Ofcourse I’ve heard from him. And saw some of his work. But I went without any expectation to be honest. To make a long story short, it was beautiful. The work as well as how it was being exposed. Apart from all this, Marc himself was there to sign books etc. and talk about his work or whatever. Seemed rather shy for someone who creates such art. He also, carried along a Leica. Which he would easily put on this chesterfield kind of sofa to take a piss. It pissed me off because I want one. But, that probably says more about me than about him. He signed the book and then he was off signing a billion others. I don’t know, its worth going to. So, check it out when you have the time. 

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