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What really makes me anxious?

The part of todays young women who over use the ridiculous lyric ‘Who run the world, girls’ by the even more ridiculous Beyonce. 

I get sick and tired of this over-the-top feminism that is being injected in todays generation by a small amount of female artists that have managed to make it to the top. (Probably with the help of some very powerful men)

Today I read this line, 'I represent all the sins you didn't have the courage for to commit'. That was stated underneath a picture of young womans body showing a big part of her perfect boobs, half a face with a cigarette, and some other stupid stuff. 

This is the result of that small amount of female artists who keep on rambling about how ‘girls run the world’ and that this is the time for women to overcome the male domination. Ofcourse, I’m very much against degrading females and how they are less than men or whatever, BUT! At the end of the day, it’s just simply nót women who run the world. Let alone girls. It’s nót courage you need to sin, it’s stupidity. It’s not cool to pass on a moral code that is about the same as that of a jellyfish.

Women, today think that going around acting all kinds of ‘cool’ and ‘independent’ is a form of feminism, while in fact it’s actually being the opposite. What’s so independent about fucking half the men in your city? What’s so courageous about smoking and drinking like a ‘mad men’? Seriously, you really think that’s going to change the evolution of women as opposed to men? 

I’m a big fan of women and how they have their own way in things compared to men, but I start to dislike them more and more because of this trend where they feel the need to act like ‘men’. 

I think without punching too much under water here, I should quote one of the men who figured it out waaaaayyyy back in the day.

'She takes just like a woman, yes she does
She makes love just like a woman, yes she does
And she aches just like a woman
But she breaks just like a little girl.’

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it’s a biological thing. Animals are a great reference and, well, there was a reason why one of the best movies wasn’t about the Lion Queen..


No offense.


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Leica M2

Leica M2

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filmpurist said: Why have an incredible camera and optics and not use it? Now that being said if you were traveling to India or Brazil you might take a camera that is not quite as expensive because those countries are not like Europe.... When I had my D300 out in Rio I literally had people on the street stop and tell me to hide my camera because it was not safe to have it out. Then again I have yet to meet a Brazilian who was not paranoid about being mugged. In Brazil even toasters are quite expensive...

I dó use it a lot actually but it’s just one of those things. It’s like vacations are fun and all, untill you lose or break your camera. But yeah it’s there to use it! I remember bringing my lovely Nikon F2 to cyprus and everyone thought it was old crap :)

Should I take my Leica to italy too or just point and shoot? I fear it gets stolen but I’d hate to miss out on that one great image..
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Should I take my Leica to italy too or just point and shoot? I fear it gets stolen but I’d hate to miss out on that one great image..

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No one quite like him.
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No one quite like him.

Leica M2
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Leica M2